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  • After a weekend of drinking spiked cider, getting tangled in cobwebs, admiring a herd of costumed cows and carving this pumpkin… 

…we’re totally pooped. If you’re not exhausted from a weekend of Halloween festivities, you can continue the celebrations by painting a sugar skull and honoring the deceased to celebrate Dia de los Muertos a.k.a. Day of the Dead. If you’re like us, and are too tired to get in on the this two day celebration, you can indulge visually here, or learn more here.


  • Tired of only ordering General Tso’s chicken from your favorite Americanized takeout spot? Curious to try other mysterious dishes but don’t have the cajones to actually do it? We feel you. Despite having a favorite soup dumpling spot in China Town, much of China Town remains untouched…and un-eaten by us. Eater’s guide to China Town has got us inspired to expand our explorations and try previously unknown foods. Zongzi anyone?



  • The New York City Marathon is this Sunday, November 6th! We’ll be cheering on the runners from Queens Plaza with a bagel and coffee in hand from Triple Shot World Atlas Queens. If you care to join, email us at mw@eletrunksnation.com so we can set up a viewing party!

  • If you’re not in New York to watch live, here’s everything you need to know to catch the action. You can learn a bit about some of this year’s runners, like this Parkinson’s warrior telling the disease isn’t going to stop him from being active and happy. Check out Jimmy Choi on the New York Road Runner’s website.  


  • No matter where you are in life, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of ways to overcome obstacles and fears. Need a brush up on how to conquer your fears? Batman (and other pop culture figures) can help! Also, Batman totally wears Eletrunks…



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