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Eletrunks News

The holidays are here meaning now is the time to stock up on your Eletrunks underwear!

Make sure to snag a pair of our new limited edition colors:

Ron BurgUndies and Gray(s)Kale.

  • Mediums are back in stock!

  • Upgraded design for perfect fit!

  • Free Shipping for a limited time!


  • John Thackwray’s photo series, My Room Project, provides awesome and light hearted insight into millennials around the world. He has documented individuals from 55 different countries in their own bedrooms. Check out NPR’s coverage of the project to see a taste of home around the world!




  • Most depend on CNN for serious news, but turns out they put out a good soft-science fluff piece too. Their recommendations for regularly giving thanks and the benefits of doing so (beyond turkey day) are worth a read. “You walking around here with a ten-gallon bucket. Somebody put a little cupful in and you get mad ’cause it’s empty. You can’t go through life carrying a ten-gallon bucket. Get you a little cup. That’s all you need. Get you a little cup and somebody put a bit in and it’s half-full.” – August Wilson



Get Active

  • In other cold and snowy video news, the second video of Shredbots’ snowboarders riding the Stomping Grounds glacier slopes in Saas Fee, Switzerland, makes us want to break out our boards ASAP… and maybe even try out some half pipes.



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