Elevation Station

Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 



 Yep, that’s right. We pick up a fresh run of Eletrunks Monday, February 6th (fingers crossed we meet no delays in the final steps). The wait is almost over!

 We’re prepared to start shipping out on Monday the 6th and will work our hardest to get all orders in the mailbox as quickly as possible.

 You’ve earned these bad boys, so show them off with pride. Post a waistband, tag us, tell us how much they’ve changed your world, you know – the usual.

 To those of you that placed an Epic Historical (pre)Order, you were sent an email about color choice and if haven’t responded, please do! If we don’t hear from you, we’ll send you Midnight Stealth.

 Now on to the real Elevation Station. We want to encourage turning our frustrations into positive actions. This feels especially relevant what with the turmoil of current events. Sometimes it can be very useful to disrupt a system. Breaking something down leaves room to build it back up. We’re watching some of this happen on a national level. On a smaller scale, now is a good time to look at our own lives and identify what is broken down. It’s time to build back up. Reach farther. Be kinder. Generate more. You have a choice to be who you want. Whatever way you choose to make your mark is acheivable. Let’s not idly sit by while others have the fun.

 We aim to only add to the world by creating Eletrunks, giving men an anatomically correct underwear that functions the way our body does. As a bonus, we get to share positive thoughts and hopefully create a community that goes out into the world to do good things and elevate people’s lives.

Let’s start with something badass…


Daniel Bodin is flippin’ nuts. He just pulled a double backflip on a snowmobile! This is the first true landing of a double backflip recorded. Its insane! This dude understands how to elevate his life by reaching for the stars and pushing to unknown limits.


Conde Nast Traveler found these people and communities taking action to make their surroundings more enjoyable. They transform empty bridges, underpasses, railroads, etc. into beautiful pedestrian parkways lined with flowers, trees, and benches. These parks are excellent examples for how to look at something ugly and dysfunctional and create a positive environment that is better for all. Do you have empty places nearby that could bring your neighbors together? Pitch an idea to the local government, it’s worth a shot at growing your community. That’s what James Ramsey did in the pic below of The Lowline.


 Nation, meet Nick Chen. He’s an insanely talented percussionist, electronic music artist, and music educator. Nick Chen studied many different musical styles and systems including Carnatic music from South India, traditional Ewe drumming from Ghana, and Balinese Gamelan from Indonesia. We didn’t know what those were until we heard them from his awesome line up!

He also made a sweet little trap for Eletrunks Nation thanking us for doing what we do (check our IG @eletrunksnation). Take a look at Nick’s website and give him a shout out if you ever need some musical talent. Click on the pic below for an awesome rendition of an American Classic. 


Ok, we have to talk about to elephant in the room, and we don’t mean your Eletrunks, we mean the Middle East. With the legal restrictions blocking certain nations from entering the U.S. in hopes of securing our borders from radial Islamic terrorist, we may overlook the beauty in heavily Muslim countries. Take a simple journey into 12 predominetly Islamic countries to see their overwhelming scenery and reasons why they are top travel destinations. Take a chance by traveling to places you’ve never been. It will show you things about yourself you never expect. We bet you’ll like the results. 


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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