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Elevation Station

Eletrunks News (this is a big one!)

 It’s been a crazy month for Eletrunks! It all started with DudeIWantThat.com featuring Eletrunks on their site. Then on December 14th, Viral Thread made a video that went absolutely viral with 28 million views!!!!! From there, Lad Bible made their own similiar video with an additional 9 million views and countless news sites posted write ups. A few thankful shout-outs are linked below to those who either interviewed us or posted their own original take on Eletrunks.

 Because of the our viral success, WE SOLD OUT IN 2 DAYS! That’s right, we picked up a brand new production run the week before and sold every single available pair within 48 hours! Needless to say we’ve been working nonstop ever since.

 We started collecting Historical (pre)Orders to satisfy the world’s growing desire for Eletrunks and are still rolling in orders as we speak. We’re working very hard with our manufacturer to rush our largest order to date! Our timeline is crazy fast, but believe we can succeed.

 This all means we are aiming to start shipments on February 6th!

 We want to say thank you all for supporting Eletrunks and for becoming a part of a movement that will literally change the game!

 I hope you had a great holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Here’s to 2017 and making it a year to remember!

P.S. Check out our baller new hats and grab yours today! (their slick AF)




More write ups, videos etc.!

– Metro

– Yibada

– Daily Star

Lad Bible


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