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 Happy Valentine’s Day!


So, we received all our black stock and are waiting on colors… We’re picking up more tomorrow (2/15) that should get us back on schedule to ship out Gray(s)Kale, Ron BurgUndies, and the Mystery Color (we find the unrevealed name to be quite hilarious and suiting for a master stud like yourself).

 Can we simply say THANK YOU!

We’re finding you all to be an awesome bunch of people with patience and kindness off the charts! We’re proud of the people who want to become part of this world and love spending all our time changing the men’s undies game.

Hence, onto elevating your lifestyle. We’re going to keep this one short and focused because the content can be quite deep if you allow yourself to follow it. If you’re ever bored or wondering how to live a happier life, take a look at some of this cool content and dive a little deeper (don’t worry its not mushy gushy nonsense, more science and trend related). 


 What causes happiness?

Perhaps happiness is produced by environmental and cultural variables, as researched by Eric Weiner in his delightful book, The Geography of Bliss. He documents his travels to an array of countries in search of which is the happiest. It’s not always the rich nations, like Qatar, who can literally buy anything luxurious, who have it made. Sometimes the poorest are the best, like Bhutan. He finds it’s not all about money or nice weather. Most noteworthy, you won’t find one cause of happiness but rather an interesting look into the many conditions that generate happiness. We recommend reading it!

Also, a PSA:  Beware, you will want to travel after reading this book.


 As Emily Esfahani suggests, happiness comes from investing in a meaningful life. We are drawn to this article and book because it ties so well with the Geography of Bliss. It’s not about all this self-help related happiness non-sense, or having copious amounts of whatever you please (I tried last night with ice cream, it didn’t work out well). It’s about finding a balance of the ups and downs, and finding the best purpose within those to live a whole life. 

 We like the basic premise of her ideas and have only just purchased her book to further investigate. Updates to come. If you read it, let us know what you think!


 Of further interest, which could support Esfahani’s ideas, is this article and book, Boredom: A Lively History. Here author Peter Toohey dives into the lack of meaning and the evolutionary purpose boredom might serve. We hate being bored and its clear with all the time spent in front of a screen we try to fill this void whenever possible. BUT, the argument is, when you allow yourself to be bored, your brain begins to work its magic and come up with new thought processes and ideas. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘go and sit on that thought’, they may be onto something. 

A video admittedly found out of boredom…

 Because no one is perfect, here is a funny, funny video found out of boredom. It’s a golden compilation of dogs being dogs. Beware, this does have a few strong words, but they’re used in the best way possible. We find this guy to be seriously hilarious and always love a great excuse to laugh at dogs. Enjoy this gem.


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