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Elevation Station

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Our Historical (pre)Order went off fairly smoothly in the pre-order world! Everyone but a few of our Ron BurgUndies friends have undies! (RB peeps, check your inbox for alternatives.)

 If you’re one of the many who are rocking Eletrunks, send us a review of your thoughts. We love to hear what you think. (Service@eletrunksnation.com)

 We’ve gotten some great reviews thus far and will be posting them on the website soon. We’ll feature a review section so others can see your enthusiam!

 Also, we’re pretty much back in stock! While we still have a few limited sizes and colors, most should be available and more to come. We decided to stick with free shipping in the US until everything is fully stocked, so take advantage while it lasts!

 Now onto Elevation Station! This week is about the actual health benefits of Eletrunks and research behind keeping your cajones cool and pressure free. If you have balls, or know someone who does, this is certainly some solid information to brush up on.


 Here at Eletrunks headquarters, we take a strong interest in health. This mostly shows up in our newsletters as information about running, rock climbing, positive thinking, lifting, hiking etc. In this edition, we’d like to shift focus to something we haven’t touched on before that feels especially relevant due to the warm months approaching. It is also an essential part of Eletrunks: the health of your balls.

 It would seem that it is now fairly common knowledge that heat is not so good for your cajones or more specifically, your sperm count. This article from FiveThirtyEight spells out the negative effects of heat and how to avoid cooking your huevos. Now, can we all just take a moment to think about how keeping the family jewels away from the body, say in the Eletrunks pouch feature, might help keep your balls cool?


 To really prove our point, and where it really gets interesting, is this medically precise article published by Scientific American. It provides a glorious analysis of the evolution of balls and their seemingly nonsensical placement on the male body. Why would such an important and sensitive organ sit outside the body?!?! Not to give away too much, (the article is thorough and worth reading!) but the answer might just be that balls’ external placement is completely in the interest of keeping your nuts cool. BOOM. Even more reason to put your pair in a pair of Eletrunks! Save your manhood!


 This Go-Pro video sums up the inspiration behind Eletrunks. Check out these incredible mountain bikers’ trip through Peru. This dreamy land is where founder Michael’s South American trip began and what sparked the idea for Eletrunks. You’ll get a chance to see the rugged terrain, beautiful and unforgiving mountains, and sweet locals, all while hitting some of the hardest routes on a bike.



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