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Hey Eletrunks Nation! It’s finally acting like spring outside and we’re loving it! It’s also time to start building that community you hear us talk about. Take a pic of you, friends, family, whoever you’re with next time you’re out doing something fun and tag @eletrunksnationon IG or Facebook. We love to see what makes you tick and hopefully encourage others to go out and explore.

Given the approaching warmth, we’ll be outside getting sweaty way more often. Because of that, we have some exciting news that’ll make any of your sweaty pursuits much more enjoyable! Keep an eye out for a special introduction in the next couple weeks to make your inner athlete jump for joy.

Time for the Elevation Station. Let’s get engaged. Warm weather can bring people together just as easily as your favorite home cooked meal. So why not combine the two and make an impact for the better?

Give back through fun times with friends (a.k.a Social Philanthropy)

We found a trend we can get behind. Considering we’re not always the trendiest of folks here at Eletrunks headquarters, that’s pretty big news. We like this trend SO MUCH we’re even encouraging you to jump on the bandwagon. So what’s this magical trend? Turning social gatherings into opportunities to make charitable donations.

A friend of ours recently enacted this at his birthday; he asked that donations be made to two charities of his choice in lieu of birthday gifts. Next level, Lifehacker has taken the idea one step farther in a fantastic way that inspires giving and community. Drumroll…..They suggest hosting dinner parties where you provide the entire meal and ask your guests to donate however much they’d spend on a contribution to the meal. You can have great company, a delicious meal (because we’re confident you’re all excellent hosts) and make a difference in the world. Read Lifehackers’ full take here for inspiration!

So what cause should I support? 

Since we’re already suggesting things, we’re going to go ahead and audaciously continue. We know you’re already planning a badass dinner party (or maybe a picnic, house party, you name it), so we’re going to make choosing a charity easy for you…donate to landslide and flood relief in Peru and Colombia. Both countries are close to our hearts since they are where the idea for Eletrunks began.

If you haven’t heard, they’ve had massive flooding that’s destroyed countless towns and villages. Imagine flooding from Amsterdam to Rome, that’s how much land has been effected in Peru alone (it’s a huge country!). Most of these towns are fairly isolated from resources and lack the financial resources to properly recover. Any help goes here goes a long way, and they need all they can get.

Direct Relief has already made $32 million worth of resources available to Peru and Colombia and makes getting involved easy with a variety of ways to give.  Even if you have no party plans or  are a habitual party pooper, you can still support relief efforts anyways by donating to Direct Relief!


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebookpage. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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