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Everything is New!

It’s been awhile since we’ve reached out, and for good reason. We’ve been busy creating a new experience for you on EletrunksNation.com.

We’ve updated the design and feel of the site to encourage exploration. Our new setup supports learning about who we are and showcases new products and styles coming up.

Speaking of which… We have new product! If you haven’t seen already, we added our Performance line!

Our modal Everyday fabric is great for life, but we need something to get sweaty in, swim in, move around with complete security, while keeping all the benefits of the Eletrunks design.

Let’s face it, summer is here. We need something to keep our goods dry and chafe free.

Check it Out!

Now on to the real Elevation Station!

We are honored and excited to introduce our first
Eletrunks Ambassador, Erik Douds.

We’ve spent a long time quietly vetting people in our community to find the perfect guy to represent Eletrunks. Our requirements are high and we are more than pleased with Erik’s awesomeness. In fact, he’s helped raise our own standards.

We wanted someone who, at any given point, we can connect you with and know he will deliver an interaction that will stick. Someone who stands for a cause and goes out to achieve it. Someone who is out to influence others to be their best self. All of this in the name of elevating your lifestyle and making the best possible situation wherever you may go.

What’s so special about Erik?

For a quick intro, Erik is proudly type 1 diabetic teaching others how to be their best self in the face of adversity. He’s traveled the circumference of the world twice and runs an appropriately named blog DiabetesAbroad.com. Here Erik provides info for anyone looking to be adventurous and break outside the stereotype of T1D.

Erik’s a tri-athlete, an adventurer, a photographer, and an inspirational source helping other diabetics realize that life does not quit because of a health condition. Did I mention he’s a week into a 4500 mile bike ride across America? Let’s get inspired by his movement:

It’s time to (________).

How can we find out more about Erik?

Erik is a special guy, and for that, we should all take some time to read about his crazy endeavors. 

For starters, check out this cool article on our site, 5 fun facts about Erik.

To see what Erik stands for, look at his diabetesabroad page that lays out his core values. They’re more than impressive.

Pedaling 4500 miles is a big deal. We’re looking to support him as much as possible, and you can too. Check out his Bike Across America Hub. 

Here’s a challenge…

This picture sums up Erik pretty clearly. It’s easy to freak out and stop yourself from reaching outside our comfort zones, but when you do, you will find a world of opportunity awaits.

So, we want to ask you to take a moment and fill in the blank below. Pick something that motivates you to elevate your lifestyle and dive in head first.  Feel free to share your thoughts on our facebook page @eletrunksnation so we can start a conversation.

We’re here to help make this world a better place, so please engage and help this community grow strong.

It’s time to (________).

p.s. Don’t forget about Father’s Day!

Get him a pair of Eletrunks with the free shipping code DadRocks

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