Elevation Station

Its 98°!

No, we’re not talking about the 2000’s boy band. We’re talking about fahrenheit outside and in your pants.

Keep those bad boys cool with Eletrunks’ naturally temperature regulating, anti-bacterial fabric and technical design.

Speaking of cool, we’ve been around for a year! We’ve grown and learned a great deal in our short lifetime.

We’ve quite literally:

  • Redesigned men’s underwear
  • Figured out how to manufacture clothing in the USA without succumbing to the temptations of cheap labor overseas
  • Found ways to spread the good word of Eletrunks in innovative ways to stay more connected with you guys
  • Had a few hilarious viral videos launch our success
  • Continuously redesigned our fit to make the best underwear possible

If you bought a pair before 2017 and didn’t have to wait because of our massive viral-success-backorder list, you received what we call version 101. You’re the first people to wear Eletrunks. Thank you for having the cajones to try something new!

With that, some found our original design was a bit loose. Thanks to all of your insightful feedback, we’ve moved on to many different prototypes and landed on what is now 302. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today or heading where we’ll be tomorrow.

Our new design is made to last, made to fit well in all areas, and made to create a freeing experience for your manhood. Most importantly, it addresses and eliminates any riding up and bunching.

We’ve also started a new branding campaign. Our pouch design is now referred to as the ComfortaBall Pouch.

Why? Because your balls have never been so comfortable in a pair of undies!

Let’s face it, it’s summer and the only thing keeping our balls from the sides of our legs is either walking like a cowboy coming from a cross-country herding tour, or mass amounts of baby powder. It’s time to upgrade into a uniform piece that will keep you cool and refreshed all day long. Eletrunks are here for you.



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