Elevation Station

Elevation Station is back!

It’s been a busy summer.

We’re thankful for so many wonderful experiences with new and old friends. We’re also mindful of all the hardship in the world today.

Today our Elevation Station aims to continue honoring the International Day of Peace.

We hope to bring a curiosity about the world you can share with others. Go be awesome. Stay Elevated.

It seems like over the past 2 months the world stockpiled enough disaster to last a lifetime.

Check out our last email about helping Harvey victims to find out how to donate safely around the world.

Before donating, please verify your chosen organization on something like CharityNavigator.org to make sure your money is used for good.

Disasters needing our help…

(click any title to find out more about the facts and realities of the topic)

Hurricane Harvey – Flooded and destroyed Eastern TX and parts of LA dumping an estimated 27 TRILLION gallons of rain.

Hurricane Irma – Destroyed the Caribbean islands, many parts of Florida Keys, and effected people up through South Carolina.

Hurricane Maria – Demolished some of the same Caribbean islands and has left the entire island of Puerto Rico without power.

Mexico City earthquakes – Right after Harvey, Mexico City experienced the hardest earthquake since 1985, registering 8.1 on the Richter scale. Two weeks later, it’s happened again and collapsed many buildings, including schools leaving many behind in its rubble. The search for grade school for children continues.

Forest fires on the West Coast – 19 fires are burning in L.A. counties, consuming about 10,000 acres. The Salmon August Complex fire, near the Oregon border, has burned nearly 49,000 acres. The Helena fire in Trinity County, northwest of Redding, has burned about 7,400 acres and destroyed 72 homes. The Pier fire, in Tulare County, north of Bakersfield, has burned about 17,400 acres.

Things to keep an eye on…

(click any title to find out more about the facts and realities of the topic)

Rohingya: Beginning of ethnic cleansing – The entire Rohingya population of Myanmar is being forced from their homes and persecuted. While justified by the Myanmar government as protection, historically this is what the beginning of an ethnic cleanse and genocide looks like. Nearly 500 thousand people have fled their homes for safety. This is causing a strain on many other countries and requiring supplies to keep people fed. Be ready to lend support to the Rohingya, Myanmar and surrounding countries and help save thousands of lives in the very near future.

Nuclear threats by North Korea and USA – North Korea is closer than ever to having nuclear power. With an unstable leader on their end, and taunting political talk from the USA, we need to focus on how we can diplomatically solve differences. Yes, sanctions are the best way to suffocate countries supplies, but that needs to come with political etiquette and understanding as well to ease tempers. The last thing the world needs is literally millions of people, friends and families, completely obliterated to nonexistence in a matter of minutes. Entire city populations (think about everyone you know within 10 miles) dead in the time it takes to sip on a nice cold beverage on a hot day. This is no joke or light topic. The bombs today are equivalent to nearly 3400 bombs dropped on Hiroshima during WW2. The effects will be around for the next half century. (The linked article provided points to the political approach of name calling and the effects these words have on potential actions.)

Venezuela economic downturn – The perpetual downward spiral of their economy has led to mismanagement and the beginnings of a dictatorship. Inflation and poverty have risen to uncontrollable rates and the government is taking away diplomatic powers of the people to maintain control and circumvent it’s unpopularity.

Philippines brutal eradication of drugs – Extremely cruel and brutal measures have been enforced to exterminate anyone related to the drug industry. While ridding a country of illegal drugs is a valiant stance, the methods in which this is being executed are just that, by execution. Over 7000 people have been murdered under President Duterte’s short reign as head of state. His relentless, ruthless, unforgiving attitude towards people’s lives is creating a bloodbath in his home country.

Look on the bright side!

Generally speaking, we all have the ability to make a difference.

Simply becoming aware of current situations can make a big difference in our ability to understand the impact of actions both at home and abroad.

Next time you’re talking with friends or loved ones, you will be able to relay reliable information that is researched and proven. This helps educate people without forcing ideas down their throat.

Long ago, I heard a statement that I still truly believe today:

“Ideas and beliefs, both good and bad, start at the dinner table.”

This means, whatever conversations you’re having in the privacy and comfort of your home will trickle down and impact how people think outside your circle. Make a point to have conversations that are positive, truthful, and, as a whole, compassionate towards others for the betterment of society.

And now, puppies!

I hope this content proves valuable in elevating your lifestyle. We want the best for our friends and family, and also yours.

It’s our responsibility to shape our future. Let’s make sure it’s one that connects rather than distances each other.

Stay elevated my friends.


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