A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.  Eletrunks News Hey Eletrunks Nation! It’s finally acting like spring outside and we’re loving it! It’s also time to start building that community you hear us talk about. Take a pic of you, friends, family, whoever you’re with next time you’re out doing something fun and tag @eletrunksnationon IG or Facebook. We love to see what makes you tick and hopefully encourage others to go out and explore. Given the approaching warmth, we’ll be outside getting sweaty way more often. Because of that,Read More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. ELETRUNKS NEWS IT’S PI DAY! WE’RE GONNA EAT 3.14 PIES WHILE WE HAVE A SNOW DAY.  We’re also celebrating the fact that our community is the best around. We’ve received countless emails encouraging us to continue moving forward and showing love to Eletrunks. You’ve been grateful and understanding during the pre-order process, and truly, we cannot thank you enough. For that, you should all have an email with a special code (YouRock) for 25% off! It’s good until Sunday, so jump on board while you can. OrdersRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.  ELETRUNKS NEWS Our Historical (pre)Order went off fairly smoothly in the pre-order world! Everyone but a few of our Ron BurgUndies friends have undies! (RB peeps, check your inbox for alternatives.)  If you’re one of the many who are rocking Eletrunks, send us a review of your thoughts. We love to hear what you think. (  We’ve gotten some great reviews thus far and will be posting them on the website soon. We’ll feature a review section so others can see your enthusiam!  Also, we’re pretty much back inRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. ELETRUNKS NEWS  Happy Valentine’s Day!  MIDNIGHT STEALTH IS FULLY BACK IN STOCK!  So, we received all our black stock and are waiting on colors… We’re picking up more tomorrow (2/15) that should get us back on schedule to ship out Gray(s)Kale, Ron BurgUndies, and the Mystery Color (we find the unrevealed name to be quite hilarious and suiting for a master stud like yourself).  Can we simply say THANK YOU! We’re finding you all to be an awesome bunch of people with patience and kindness off the charts! We’re proud of theRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.   ELETRUNKS NEWS  ONE MORE WEEK!   Yep, that’s right. We pick up a fresh run of Eletrunks Monday, February 6th (fingers crossed we meet no delays in the final steps). The wait is almost over!  We’re prepared to start shipping out on Monday the 6th and will work our hardest to get all orders in the mailbox as quickly as possible.  You’ve earned these bad boys, so show them off with pride. Post a waistband, tag us, tell us how much they’ve changed your world, you know – the usual.  ToRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.   ELETRUNKS NEWS  The end to the wait for Eletrunks is in sight! Our manufaturer is kicking butt by keeping to schedule and truly becoming a partner in production. We are working closely to tackle any questions and missing components to produce the highest quality within the tightest of time frames.  We currently plan to ship our Historical (pre)Orders out the week of February 6th! We’re super excited to get your pair out and thankful for your patience!  Now on to the real Elevation Station. We have someRead More
Eletrunks News (this is a big one!)  It’s been a crazy month for Eletrunks! It all started with featuring Eletrunks on their site. Then on December 14th, Viral Thread made a video that went absolutely viral with 28 million views!!!!! From there, Lad Bible made their own similiar video with an additional 9 million views and countless news sites posted write ups. A few thankful shout-outs are linked below to those who either interviewed us or posted their own original take on Eletrunks.  Because of the our viral success, WE SOLD OUT IN 2 DAYS! That’sRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.  Eletrunks News The holidays are here meaning now is the time to stock up on your Eletrunks underwear! Make sure to snag a pair of our new limited edition colors: Ron BurgUndies and Gray(s)Kale. Mediums are back in stock! Upgraded design for perfect fit! Free Shipping for a limited time! World John Thackwray’s photo series, My Room Project, provides awesome and light hearted insight into millennials around the world. He has documented individuals from 55 different countries in their own bedrooms. Check out NPR’sRead More
Kind(ling) (Human)kind’s Kind(ness) What with a tumultuous and perplexing election season, it seems like a good time to focus on spreading the love. There is no time like the present to practice being kind to each other. Here’s how the Eletrunks team is doing so: We continually invest in and support local communities. We want to personally know and give back to the people and organizations around us. This is as simple as frequenting a local business and saying hello. We are curious about the people around us. We alwaysRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.  ​ ITS NOT HALLOWEEN ANYMORE! After a weekend of drinking spiked cider, getting tangled in cobwebs, admiring a herd of costumed cows and carving this pumpkin…  …we’re totally pooped. If you’re not exhausted from a weekend of Halloween festivities, you can continue the celebrations by painting a sugar skull and honoring the deceased to celebrate Dia de los Muertos a.k.a. Day of the Dead. If you’re like us, and are too tired to get in on the this two day celebration, you can indulge visually here,Read More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. ​ Beyond the obvious elevation of your manhood in our underwear, we strive to embolden you to be the best version of yourself. This is a newsletter that encourages being informed and engaged in the world. You can expect to see interesting videos, news, people doing cool things, ways to give back and more. ITS HALLOWEEN! What are you doing with your leftover pumpkins? How about chuck it a fifty feet through the air?? Yep! Here is a quick and easy pumpkin launcher/ trebuchet to addRead More
A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. ELETRUNKS NEWS We’re starting a new round of production! All sizes will be available for the holiday season. We’ll let you know when they arrive. T-Shirts are here! We’ve decided to go the screen printing route to customize designs and t-shirt offerings. You can find soft, mixed blends for daily wear, athletic T’s for working out, and hoodies for the upcoming winter. is updating as we speak to reflect everything available. Show your support by grabbing a cool custom T! TRAVEL Check out this New YorkRead More