It’s been a busy summer. We’re thankful for so many wonderful experiences with new and old friends. We’re also mindful of all the hardship in the world today.

Today our Elevation Station aims to continue honoring the International Day of Peace. We hope to bring a curiosity about the world you can share with others. Go be awesome. Stay Elevated.

It seems like over the past 2 months the world stockpiled enough disaster to

July 21, 2017

Its 98°!

No, we’re not talking about the 2000’s boy band. We’re talking about fahrenheit outside and in your pants.

Keep those bad boys cool with Eletrunks’ naturally temperature regulating, anti-bacterial fabric and technical design.

Speaking of cool, we’ve been around for a year! We’ve grown and learned a great deal in our short lifetime.

We’ve quite literally:

  • Redesigned

Happy 4th of July!

Fun fact, no one on the Eletrunks team has a background in fashion, design or garment production. It’s been a steep learning curve and we’ve come a long way since we produced our first batch of Eletrunks almost exactly one year ago. In our fashion-world experience, it hasn’t always been easy to find people who communicate well and transparently share the process to create a smooth production. We finally found a great manufacturer,

New New New! Everything is New!

It’s been awhile since we’ve reached out, and for good reason. We’ve been busy creating a new experience for you on We’ve updated the design and feel of the site to encourage exploration. Our new setup supports learning about who we are and showcases new products and styles coming up. Speaking of which… We have new product! If you haven’t seen already, we added our Performance line!

April 13, 2017

Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 

Eletrunks News

Hey Eletrunks Nation! It’s finally acting like spring outside and we’re loving it! It’s also time to start building that community you hear us talk about. Take a

March 14, 2017

Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.



 We’re also celebrating the fact that our community is the best

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


Our Historical (pre)Order went off fairly smoothly in the pre-order world! Everyone but a few of our Ron BurgUndies friends have undies! (RB peeps, check your inbox for alternatives.)

 If you’re one of the many who are rocking Eletrunks, send us a review of your thoughts. We love to hear what you think. (

 We’ve gotten some great reviews thus far and will

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.


 Happy Valentine’s Day!


So, we received all our black stock and are waiting on colors… We’re picking up more tomorrow (2/15) that should get us back on schedule to ship out Gray(s)Kale, Ron BurgUndies, and the Mystery Color (we find the unrevealed name to be quite hilarious and suiting for a master stud like yourself).

January 31, 2017

Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 



 Yep, that’s right. We pick up a fresh run of Eletrunks Monday, February 6th (fingers crossed we meet no delays in the final steps). The wait is almost over!

 We’re prepared to start shipping out on Monday the 6th and will work our hardest to get all orders in the mailbox as quickly as possible.

 You’ve earned

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


 The end to the wait for Eletrunks is in sight! Our manufaturer is kicking butt by keeping to schedule and truly becoming a partner in production. We are working closely to tackle any questions and missing components to produce the highest quality within the tightest of time frames.

 We currently plan to ship our Historical (pre)Orders out the week of February 6th! We’re super excited

Eletrunks News (this is a big one!)

 It’s been a crazy month for Eletrunks! It all started with featuring Eletrunks on their site. Then on December 14th, Viral Thread made a video that went absolutely viral with 28 million views!!!!! From there, Lad Bible made their own similiar video with an additional 9 million views and countless news sites posted write ups. A few thankful shout-outs are linked below to those who either interviewed us or posted their own original take on Eletrunks.

 Because of the our viral

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 

Eletrunks News

The holidays are here meaning now is the time to stock up on your Eletrunks underwear!

Make sure to snag a pair of our new limited edition colors:

Ron BurgUndies and Gray(s)Kale.

  • Mediums are back in stock!

  • Upgraded design for perfect fit!

  • Free Shipping for a limited time!

Kind(ling) (Human)kind’s Kind(ness)

What with a tumultuous and perplexing election season, it seems like a good time to focus on spreading the love.

There is no time like the present to practice being kind to each other. Here’s how the Eletrunks team is doing so:

We continually invest in and support local communities. We want to personally know and give back to the people and organizations around us. This is as simple as frequenting a local business and saying hello.

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


  • After a weekend of drinking spiked cider, getting tangled in cobwebs, admiring a herd of costumed cows and carving this pumpkin… 

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. ​ Beyond the obvious elevation of your manhood in our underwear, we strive to embolden you to be the best version of yourself. This is a newsletter that encourages being informed and engaged in the world. You can expect to see interesting videos, news, people doing cool things, ways to give back and more.


What are you doing with your leftover pumpkins? How about chuck it a fifty feet through the air?? Yep! Here is a quick and

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.


  • We’re starting a new round of production! All sizes will be available for the holiday season. We’ll let you know when they arrive.

  • T-Shirts are here! We’ve decided to go the screen printing route to customize designs and t-shirt offerings. You can find soft, mixed blends for daily wear, athletic