Eletrunks Superior Functionality

Eletrunks takes engineering underwear to a whole new level with superior functionality and innovative design. Most noteworthy, our ComfortaBall Pouch™ construction and body mapping science guarantees 5 things: eliminating compression, regulating the temperature of your genitals, wicking away moisture faster, cutting out skin to skin contact resulting in zero chafing, and best of all, allowing you to readjust to perfection.


The ComfortaBall Pouch™ follows the natural ebb and flow of guys’ anatomy to create an insanely natural fit with maximized comfort. Even better, the ComfortaBall Pouch eliminates all skin to skin contact.  Finally say goodbye to chafing and compression and say hello to functional freedom!


Achieve ultimate coverage with each perfectly engineered panel. Eletrunks’ unique fit under and around your legs eliminates all stitching in awkward places. In tight situations, safely re-adjust the ComfortaBall Pouch™ using the patent pending Lifter™.  As a result, you’re able to move freely without feeling constricted.100% comfort guaranteed. Be prepared for whatever adventure comes your way!