Erik Douds


Five questions with Erik Douds

1. What’s your biggest inspiration to travel, run long distances like a maniac, and share information with others about your experience with diabetes? 

I live by the life motto: “Achieve Anything.” I am on a mission to be the example for newly diagnosed children to look up to and say, “If he can do it, I can do it.” This has included training for a marathon with a friend who used to weigh 240 lbs, competing in triathlons with my dad who started at the age of 60, and leading group races for many first-time runners.

My grandfather was diagnosed with this disease in 1940 and he proved we can live a long life no matter what the odds. Now, I am on a mission to prove we can go anywhere in the world and…achieve anything.

2. What was the turning point for leading an active lifestyle knowing it would be harder with diabetes? 

Crossing the line after 26.2 miles or putting on a swim cap and hopping in the Hudson to reach a pier that was out of sight. Turning twenty-five was the year to take my adventures to a new level. I never belonged to a sports team in high school or college; never called myself a runner; never called myself a swimmer or cyclist; yet, you begin one day and discover what your body is capable of achieving. From my friend James who ran the marathon with me, “[Erik is] someone that inspired me to push my goals even further, and never to be complacent with where I was in life.”

3. Tell us 3 random facts about you that are unique.

1) Celebrated three New Years in one year: Ethiopian New Year (Sept. 11th ), Thai New Year called Songkran on April 13th, and then our New York City New Years.

2) Never been on an online date

3) Finally gave into Jack Johnson’s lyrics this year and made banana pancakes. So damn good.

4. What is your favorite quote or quotes to live by?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – MLK Jr.

My other favorite is an African proverb, “Vote with your feet.” To me, it means show up in person.

“The best things in life happen by chance.” – Dory in Finding Nemo

5. How would you describe Eletrunks in one line?

Revolutionizing the man experience – that is how I explain it to people.

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