Old About

How we started

While taking a sabbatical to travel Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, founder Michael decided to buy a motorcycle to explore the mountains and jungle at his leisure. He found that every pair of boxers compromised the comfort of his family jewels.

He decided to fix the issue and designed what you see today – Eletrunks!

How are Eletrunks different?

Eletrunks literally let you elevate your manhood without reaching below your waistband. They also create chafe-free zones under the legs and keep you from sticking to yourself.

 How you ask?

Your manhood goes into the pouch, keeping it away from your legs. When you need to readjust, you simply use the patented ‘Lifter,’ a string that attaches from the waistband to the bottom of the pouch, and it elevates your entire manhood.

Because of the pouch design, you receive the benefit of gaining maximum coverage along the legs which eliminates any skin to skin contact. This is the brilliance and difference in the design.

The making of Eletrunks

Manufactured in Brooklyn. Sourced in NYC from material made in the USA.Made of breathable, environmentally friendly, incredibly soft modal fabric.

Modal = Beachwood tree fiber. 20x less water than cotton, 10x more production. 99.5% recycled process.

Soft, silky, sustainable.