Epic Origin Story for Revolutionary Underwear

how to create revolutionary underwear

Our revolutionary underwear has a bad ass origin coming from living life to the absolute fullest and wanting a pair of underwear to keep up.

The founder, Michael, quit his professional career and traveled from Peru to Colombia for 3.5 months. Somewhere along a long bus ride he decided to grab life by the balls, buy a motorcycle, and ride his way north instead of being restricted by public transportation.

At the time, riding just seemed like a cool idea and nothing more. There was no plan to create anything other than an incredible life experience and inspire creativity for the future.

After experiencing the sheer discomfort of riding for hours in boxers, boxer-briefs, briefs, compression shorts, and even free-balling, Michael found the inability to get comfortable was a major flaw in an entire lifestyle for men. Thus, Eletrunks were born.

Eletrunks’ design has one big goal: to solve every underwear problem found in the wild. We’re happy to say that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Eletrunks solve:
– Compression, causing awkward placement of the goods.
– Unnecessary heat, causing sweatiness, stickiness, and chafing.
– Readjusting, because squishing your kibbles in between your legs is literally the worst.