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Its 98°!

No, we’re not talking about the 2000’s boy band. We’re talking about fahrenheit outside and in your pants.

Keep those bad boys cool with Eletrunks’ naturally temperature regulating, anti-bacterial fabric and technical design.

Speaking of cool, we’ve been around for a year! We’ve grown and learned a great deal in our short lifetime.

We’ve quite literally:

  • Redesigned men’s underwear
  • Figured out how to manufacture clothing in the USA without succumbing to the temptations of cheap labor overseas
  • Found ways to spread the good word of Eletrunks in innovative ways to stay more connected with you guys
  • Had a few hilarious viral videos launch our success
  • Continuously redesigned our fit to make the best underwear possible

If you bought a pair before 2017 and didn’t have to wait because of our massive viral-success-backorder list, you received what we call version 101. You’re the first people to wear Eletrunks. Thank you for having the cajones to try something new!

With that, some found our original design was a bit loose. Thanks to all of your insightful feedback, we’ve moved on to many different prototypes and landed on what is now 302. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today or heading where we’ll be tomorrow.

Our new design is made to last, made to fit well in all areas, and made to create a freeing experience for your manhood. Most importantly, it addresses and eliminates any riding up and bunching.

We’ve also started a new branding campaign. Our pouch design is now referred to as the ComfortaBall Pouch.

Why? Because your balls have never been so comfortable in a pair of undies!

Let’s face it, it’s summer and the only thing keeping our balls from the sides of our legs is either walking like a cowboy coming from a cross-country herding tour, or mass amounts of baby powder. It’s time to upgrade into a uniform piece that will keep you cool and refreshed all day long. Eletrunks are here for you.



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Made in America

Happy 4th of July!

Fun fact, no one on the Eletrunks team has a background in fashion, design or garment production. It’s been a steep learning curve and we’ve come a long way since we produced our first batch of Eletrunks almost exactly one year ago.

In our fashion-world experience, it hasn’t always been easy to find people who communicate well and transparently share the process to create a smooth production.

We finally found a great manufacturer, MCM Enterprises, who is truly a straightforward and highly supportive group of people to work with.

With much thanks, particularly to operational manager, Joanne, and owner, Chung, we’d like to share with you a little bit about MCM so you have a window into who’s behind making our awesome undies right here in the Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Eletrunks Nation, meet Joanne and Chung. The two humans responsible for organizing the production of Eletrunks.

Can you tell us a little bit about the origins of MCM?
Our family came from Hong Kong in 1978. After working in a factory for over 7 years, our family decided to open our own sewing factory in 1985 working for some major private label companies. At that time, making money was easy. Having a factory is like having a money printing press. As long as there is no shortage of work, there is no shortage of profit. So the decision to open up our own factory at that time was a no brainer. We went from a 15 workers shop in 1985, to 250+ workers operation until 1996. When most of US production moved overseas, we started MCM to sell direct to retailers ourselves instead of depending on private label companies to provide us with work.

What was business like after manufacturing left the states?
It was a great business until 2008 where many of our major clients filed for bankruptcy. In 2008, we were forced to liquidate many of our family assets to pay our workers and vendors. Life came full circle. Our family went back to contracting service only. We have learned our lesson through the years.

How do you like business now that you are only contracting?
We are actually more happy now making 50X less than at the height of our business. There is now less stress, and more interaction with employees and clients. We are able to build a closer relationship with our employees, and provide free consulting to our client without any conflict of interest. Our experience working with retailers, showrooms, financing institutions, and vendors enables us to provide value to many of ours startup clients. It now gives us a great sense of fulfillment when we see many success stories with our new clients. Our industry has changed. Our way of doing business has changed.

What’s the best part of the fashion industry?
In the beginning, it was the money. As we get older and wiser, we find the forever changing environment is what makes working in this industry so interesting. We encounter many challenges, many different people, and many crazy products, etc.. It is always great to be able to earn a living while enjoying what we do. Most importantly, doing it while we are with our employees, families, and clients.

Are Eletrunks the weirdest design you’ve ever produced?
It is different, but not the weirdest. We have made some of the weirdest things that no one wants to work with. We often need to invent uncommon solutions to produce these merchandise. It is so weird, I can’t, nor will I even want to explain what it was.

It seems like you have a pretty tight knit team. Do you have employees that have been with you for a long time?
90% of our employees have been working for us over 20 years.

What do you like about NYC?
The people, the environment, the convenience, and the way of life.

If you ever need to manufacture a high quality piece of garment, we highly recommend our friends at MCM.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 

Eletrunks News

Hey Eletrunks Nation! It’s finally acting like spring outside and we’re loving it! It’s also time to start building that community you hear us talk about. Take a pic of you, friends, family, whoever you’re with next time you’re out doing something fun and tag @eletrunksnationon IG or Facebook. We love to see what makes you tick and hopefully encourage others to go out and explore.

Given the approaching warmth, we’ll be outside getting sweaty way more often. Because of that, we have some exciting news that’ll make any of your sweaty pursuits much more enjoyable! Keep an eye out for a special introduction in the next couple weeks to make your inner athlete jump for joy.

Time for the Elevation Station. Let’s get engaged. Warm weather can bring people together just as easily as your favorite home cooked meal. So why not combine the two and make an impact for the better?

Give back through fun times with friends (a.k.a Social Philanthropy)

We found a trend we can get behind. Considering we’re not always the trendiest of folks here at Eletrunks headquarters, that’s pretty big news. We like this trend SO MUCH we’re even encouraging you to jump on the bandwagon. So what’s this magical trend? Turning social gatherings into opportunities to make charitable donations.

A friend of ours recently enacted this at his birthday; he asked that donations be made to two charities of his choice in lieu of birthday gifts. Next level, Lifehacker has taken the idea one step farther in a fantastic way that inspires giving and community. Drumroll…..They suggest hosting dinner parties where you provide the entire meal and ask your guests to donate however much they’d spend on a contribution to the meal. You can have great company, a delicious meal (because we’re confident you’re all excellent hosts) and make a difference in the world. Read Lifehackers’ full take here for inspiration!

So what cause should I support? 

Since we’re already suggesting things, we’re going to go ahead and audaciously continue. We know you’re already planning a badass dinner party (or maybe a picnic, house party, you name it), so we’re going to make choosing a charity easy for you…donate to landslide and flood relief in Peru and Colombia. Both countries are close to our hearts since they are where the idea for Eletrunks began.

If you haven’t heard, they’ve had massive flooding that’s destroyed countless towns and villages. Imagine flooding from Amsterdam to Rome, that’s how much land has been effected in Peru alone (it’s a huge country!). Most of these towns are fairly isolated from resources and lack the financial resources to properly recover. Any help goes here goes a long way, and they need all they can get.

Direct Relief has already made $32 million worth of resources available to Peru and Colombia and makes getting involved easy with a variety of ways to give.  Even if you have no party plans or  are a habitual party pooper, you can still support relief efforts anyways by donating to Direct Relief!


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebookpage. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.



 We’re also celebrating the fact that our community is the best around. We’ve received countless emails encouraging us to continue moving forward and showing love to Eletrunks. You’ve been grateful and understanding during the pre-order process, and truly, we cannot thank you enough. For that, you should all have an email with a special code (YouRock) for 25% off! It’s good until Sunday, so jump on board while you can. Orders are shipped the day of if placed before 4pm EST. 

Again, thank you.

Now, like always, on to the fun stuff. This week we’re focusing heavily on rock climbing and getting into nature, things we like and are wanting more of! It’s been a wild winter (it’s currently blizzarding in NYC) and feels about time for warm weather and outdoor activities.


Not that this is actually news of any sort, but turns out we REALLY like rock climbing. Regularly going to our nearby climbing gym puts our bodies and minds to good use. There’s a fantastic community of grounded, open-minded climbers that are great to spend time with. To top off having an awesome physical and social experience, Eletrunks prove to be King for ideal placement and harness readjustments! Gentlemen, if you aren’t already part of a climbing gym, grab your Eletrunks and get climbing! If you ever find yourself in NYC, come climbing with us at the Cliffs in Long Island City!


 This weekend, LIC Cliffs were host to the Tristate Bouldering Series finals. We had the chance to watch amazing climbers while drinking some local beer. This was our first live bouldering competition experience, and we must say, they made it look easy! If you’ve ever attempted a V 7, 8, or 9, kudos, you know the struggle is real (for me its more like a V3). If you have no clue what V9 means, imagine trying to climb a building, upside down, with a single plunger. It’s about that difficult. To top off this night, there may have been a dance party afterwards.

Watching such amazing climbing this weekend led us to finding this neat piece of climbing news: Margo Hayes, a 19 year old from Boulder, CO is the first woman to climb an incredibly difficult route in Siurana, Spain. With a difficulty rating of 15.5a, only a few male climbers have succeeded in climbing this route. Congrats to Margo! 


 With warmer weather approaching, we’re hoping to take our climbing out of the gym and into the great outdoors, which also has us thinking about summer travel plans. We were hoping to do this absurdly stunning backpacking trek through The Enchantments in Washington. A permit is needed to go and only a few are issued by lottery each year. Sadly, we just missed the deadline to apply. We’ll aim for next year and hope that we get lucky! Until then, check out all these amazing photos. 

Since we’re down a backpacking trip, and are always looking for opportunities to travel, we’re back to hunting for our next adventure. If you’re wanting to travel but unsure where to start, check out this short piece featuring low-cost ways to travel. Many of the travel strategies suggested, like teaching English and becoming an au pair, seem like they’d be great ways to experience the world and find a home in new international communities.

Warmth is coming! Saddle up (in those Eletrunks of course!) and get out in the world and into nature!


 Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


Our Historical (pre)Order went off fairly smoothly in the pre-order world! Everyone but a few of our Ron BurgUndies friends have undies! (RB peeps, check your inbox for alternatives.)

 If you’re one of the many who are rocking Eletrunks, send us a review of your thoughts. We love to hear what you think. (

 We’ve gotten some great reviews thus far and will be posting them on the website soon. We’ll feature a review section so others can see your enthusiam!

 Also, we’re pretty much back in stock! While we still have a few limited sizes and colors, most should be available and more to come. We decided to stick with free shipping in the US until everything is fully stocked, so take advantage while it lasts!

 Now onto Elevation Station! This week is about the actual health benefits of Eletrunks and research behind keeping your cajones cool and pressure free. If you have balls, or know someone who does, this is certainly some solid information to brush up on.


 Here at Eletrunks headquarters, we take a strong interest in health. This mostly shows up in our newsletters as information about running, rock climbing, positive thinking, lifting, hiking etc. In this edition, we’d like to shift focus to something we haven’t touched on before that feels especially relevant due to the warm months approaching. It is also an essential part of Eletrunks: the health of your balls.

 It would seem that it is now fairly common knowledge that heat is not so good for your cajones or more specifically, your sperm count. This article from FiveThirtyEight spells out the negative effects of heat and how to avoid cooking your huevos. Now, can we all just take a moment to think about how keeping the family jewels away from the body, say in the Eletrunks pouch feature, might help keep your balls cool?


 To really prove our point, and where it really gets interesting, is this medically precise article published by Scientific American. It provides a glorious analysis of the evolution of balls and their seemingly nonsensical placement on the male body. Why would such an important and sensitive organ sit outside the body?!?! Not to give away too much, (the article is thorough and worth reading!) but the answer might just be that balls’ external placement is completely in the interest of keeping your nuts cool. BOOM. Even more reason to put your pair in a pair of Eletrunks! Save your manhood!


 This Go-Pro video sums up the inspiration behind Eletrunks. Check out these incredible mountain bikers’ trip through Peru. This dreamy land is where founder Michael’s South American trip began and what sparked the idea for Eletrunks. You’ll get a chance to see the rugged terrain, beautiful and unforgiving mountains, and sweet locals, all while hitting some of the hardest routes on a bike.



Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.


 Happy Valentine’s Day!


So, we received all our black stock and are waiting on colors… We’re picking up more tomorrow (2/15) that should get us back on schedule to ship out Gray(s)Kale, Ron BurgUndies, and the Mystery Color (we find the unrevealed name to be quite hilarious and suiting for a master stud like yourself).

 Can we simply say THANK YOU!

We’re finding you all to be an awesome bunch of people with patience and kindness off the charts! We’re proud of the people who want to become part of this world and love spending all our time changing the men’s undies game.

Hence, onto elevating your lifestyle. We’re going to keep this one short and focused because the content can be quite deep if you allow yourself to follow it. If you’re ever bored or wondering how to live a happier life, take a look at some of this cool content and dive a little deeper (don’t worry its not mushy gushy nonsense, more science and trend related). 


 What causes happiness?

Perhaps happiness is produced by environmental and cultural variables, as researched by Eric Weiner in his delightful book, The Geography of Bliss. He documents his travels to an array of countries in search of which is the happiest. It’s not always the rich nations, like Qatar, who can literally buy anything luxurious, who have it made. Sometimes the poorest are the best, like Bhutan. He finds it’s not all about money or nice weather. Most noteworthy, you won’t find one cause of happiness but rather an interesting look into the many conditions that generate happiness. We recommend reading it!

Also, a PSA:  Beware, you will want to travel after reading this book.


 As Emily Esfahani suggests, happiness comes from investing in a meaningful life. We are drawn to this article and book because it ties so well with the Geography of Bliss. It’s not about all this self-help related happiness non-sense, or having copious amounts of whatever you please (I tried last night with ice cream, it didn’t work out well). It’s about finding a balance of the ups and downs, and finding the best purpose within those to live a whole life. 

 We like the basic premise of her ideas and have only just purchased her book to further investigate. Updates to come. If you read it, let us know what you think!


 Of further interest, which could support Esfahani’s ideas, is this article and book, Boredom: A Lively History. Here author Peter Toohey dives into the lack of meaning and the evolutionary purpose boredom might serve. We hate being bored and its clear with all the time spent in front of a screen we try to fill this void whenever possible. BUT, the argument is, when you allow yourself to be bored, your brain begins to work its magic and come up with new thought processes and ideas. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘go and sit on that thought’, they may be onto something. 

A video admittedly found out of boredom…

 Because no one is perfect, here is a funny, funny video found out of boredom. It’s a golden compilation of dogs being dogs. Beware, this does have a few strong words, but they’re used in the best way possible. We find this guy to be seriously hilarious and always love a great excuse to laugh at dogs. Enjoy this gem.


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 



 Yep, that’s right. We pick up a fresh run of Eletrunks Monday, February 6th (fingers crossed we meet no delays in the final steps). The wait is almost over!

 We’re prepared to start shipping out on Monday the 6th and will work our hardest to get all orders in the mailbox as quickly as possible.

 You’ve earned these bad boys, so show them off with pride. Post a waistband, tag us, tell us how much they’ve changed your world, you know – the usual.

 To those of you that placed an Epic Historical (pre)Order, you were sent an email about color choice and if haven’t responded, please do! If we don’t hear from you, we’ll send you Midnight Stealth.

 Now on to the real Elevation Station. We want to encourage turning our frustrations into positive actions. This feels especially relevant what with the turmoil of current events. Sometimes it can be very useful to disrupt a system. Breaking something down leaves room to build it back up. We’re watching some of this happen on a national level. On a smaller scale, now is a good time to look at our own lives and identify what is broken down. It’s time to build back up. Reach farther. Be kinder. Generate more. You have a choice to be who you want. Whatever way you choose to make your mark is acheivable. Let’s not idly sit by while others have the fun.

 We aim to only add to the world by creating Eletrunks, giving men an anatomically correct underwear that functions the way our body does. As a bonus, we get to share positive thoughts and hopefully create a community that goes out into the world to do good things and elevate people’s lives.

Let’s start with something badass…


Daniel Bodin is flippin’ nuts. He just pulled a double backflip on a snowmobile! This is the first true landing of a double backflip recorded. Its insane! This dude understands how to elevate his life by reaching for the stars and pushing to unknown limits.


Conde Nast Traveler found these people and communities taking action to make their surroundings more enjoyable. They transform empty bridges, underpasses, railroads, etc. into beautiful pedestrian parkways lined with flowers, trees, and benches. These parks are excellent examples for how to look at something ugly and dysfunctional and create a positive environment that is better for all. Do you have empty places nearby that could bring your neighbors together? Pitch an idea to the local government, it’s worth a shot at growing your community. That’s what James Ramsey did in the pic below of The Lowline.


 Nation, meet Nick Chen. He’s an insanely talented percussionist, electronic music artist, and music educator. Nick Chen studied many different musical styles and systems including Carnatic music from South India, traditional Ewe drumming from Ghana, and Balinese Gamelan from Indonesia. We didn’t know what those were until we heard them from his awesome line up!

He also made a sweet little trap for Eletrunks Nation thanking us for doing what we do (check our IG @eletrunksnation). Take a look at Nick’s website and give him a shout out if you ever need some musical talent. Click on the pic below for an awesome rendition of an American Classic. 


Ok, we have to talk about to elephant in the room, and we don’t mean your Eletrunks, we mean the Middle East. With the legal restrictions blocking certain nations from entering the U.S. in hopes of securing our borders from radial Islamic terrorist, we may overlook the beauty in heavily Muslim countries. Take a simple journey into 12 predominetly Islamic countries to see their overwhelming scenery and reasons why they are top travel destinations. Take a chance by traveling to places you’ve never been. It will show you things about yourself you never expect. We bet you’ll like the results. 


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


 The end to the wait for Eletrunks is in sight! Our manufaturer is kicking butt by keeping to schedule and truly becoming a partner in production. We are working closely to tackle any questions and missing components to produce the highest quality within the tightest of time frames.

 We currently plan to ship our Historical (pre)Orders out the week of February 6th! We’re super excited to get your pair out and thankful for your patience!

 Now on to the real Elevation Station. We have some cool stuff this week so please feel free to share with friends and leave any comments on our facebook page about your thoughts.

 Let’s start connecting so we can build a true community of awesome people!


 Freeskier Sammy Carlson is a ballsy dude with a message. He does crazy things like jump off this 24 story ski jump backwards. He also hopes to inspire others to achieve their dreams. Check out this clip from The Sammy C Project to see him push the boundaries of the sport, execute massive tricks and connect with the local community. Also, the cinematography is seriously on point!


We like the idea of really good wine, but without a highly developed and discerning palate…well…the price tag just doesn’t seem quite worth it. Alit, a wine company based out of Oregon is leading the way in making great wines more accessible and might just be a game changer. An online only company, they’re transparent about their business practices, environmentally friendly and debunk wine pricing. We’re down to try a bottle (or three) of their Pinot. Check out Quartz’ take on Alit for a more in depth review! 


At some yet to be determined time, when we make a trip to Japan, we’re going to make a point to stay at the Henn-Na Hotel in Sasebo. Why? Because the hotel is run almost entirely by robots. Seems like this could be efficient, polite and awesome in all kinds of ways. It also seems like it could be sterile and weird feeling. Regardless, there are velociraptor receptionists dressed as bell hops….so we have to go.   


Here’s your New Year Resolution bump to get over the 3 week hump of wanting to quit. There’s more evidence that running is good for you! A study was recently published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience indicating that runners have better brain health. Needing an extra boost to keep you running through the winter months? The arguments presented in this study might do the trick. 




Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

Eletrunks News (this is a big one!)

 It’s been a crazy month for Eletrunks! It all started with featuring Eletrunks on their site. Then on December 14th, Viral Thread made a video that went absolutely viral with 28 million views!!!!! From there, Lad Bible made their own similiar video with an additional 9 million views and countless news sites posted write ups. A few thankful shout-outs are linked below to those who either interviewed us or posted their own original take on Eletrunks.

 Because of the our viral success, WE SOLD OUT IN 2 DAYS! That’s right, we picked up a brand new production run the week before and sold every single available pair within 48 hours! Needless to say we’ve been working nonstop ever since.

 We started collecting Historical (pre)Orders to satisfy the world’s growing desire for Eletrunks and are still rolling in orders as we speak. We’re working very hard with our manufacturer to rush our largest order to date! Our timeline is crazy fast, but believe we can succeed.

 This all means we are aiming to start shipments on February 6th!

 We want to say thank you all for supporting Eletrunks and for becoming a part of a movement that will literally change the game!

 I hope you had a great holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Here’s to 2017 and making it a year to remember!

P.S. Check out our baller new hats and grab yours today! (their slick AF)




More write ups, videos etc.!

– Metro

– Yibada

– Daily Star

Lad Bible


Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our Facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 

Eletrunks News

The holidays are here meaning now is the time to stock up on your Eletrunks underwear!

Make sure to snag a pair of our new limited edition colors:

Ron BurgUndies and Gray(s)Kale.

  • Mediums are back in stock!

  • Upgraded design for perfect fit!

  • Free Shipping for a limited time!


  • John Thackwray’s photo series, My Room Project, provides awesome and light hearted insight into millennials around the world. He has documented individuals from 55 different countries in their own bedrooms. Check out NPR’s coverage of the project to see a taste of home around the world!




  • Most depend on CNN for serious news, but turns out they put out a good soft-science fluff piece too. Their recommendations for regularly giving thanks and the benefits of doing so (beyond turkey day) are worth a read. “You walking around here with a ten-gallon bucket. Somebody put a little cupful in and you get mad ’cause it’s empty. You can’t go through life carrying a ten-gallon bucket. Get you a little cup. That’s all you need. Get you a little cup and somebody put a bit in and it’s half-full.” – August Wilson



Get Active

  • In other cold and snowy video news, the second video of Shredbots’ snowboarders riding the Stomping Grounds glacier slopes in Saas Fee, Switzerland, makes us want to break out our boards ASAP… and maybe even try out some half pipes.



 Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

Kind(ling) (Human)kind’s Kind(ness)

What with a tumultuous and perplexing election season, it seems like a good time to focus on spreading the love.

There is no time like the present to practice being kind to each other. Here’s how the Eletrunks team is doing so:

We continually invest in and support local communities. We want to personally know and give back to the people and organizations around us. This is as simple as frequenting a local business and saying hello.

We are curious about the people around us. We always ask, “how are you?” and “what do you enjoy in life?” These may seem like a small gestures, but are one way to crack open the door of getting to know someone. Leave room to be surprised and learn something new. Share the experience with friends.

Each and every person is treated with kindness, friends and strangers alike. We reach out of our own world created by our perceptions and experiences to understand someone else’s world.

We bring our compassion and enthusiasm to all situations. We share the things we care about and encourage others to do the same!

We’re hopeful that each small act of kindness will contribute to making the world a sweeter place.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle. 


  • After a weekend of drinking spiked cider, getting tangled in cobwebs, admiring a herd of costumed cows and carving this pumpkin… 

…we’re totally pooped. If you’re not exhausted from a weekend of Halloween festivities, you can continue the celebrations by painting a sugar skull and honoring the deceased to celebrate Dia de los Muertos a.k.a. Day of the Dead. If you’re like us, and are too tired to get in on the this two day celebration, you can indulge visually here, or learn more here.


  • Tired of only ordering General Tso’s chicken from your favorite Americanized takeout spot? Curious to try other mysterious dishes but don’t have the cajones to actually do it? We feel you. Despite having a favorite soup dumpling spot in China Town, much of China Town remains untouched…and un-eaten by us. Eater’s guide to China Town has got us inspired to expand our explorations and try previously unknown foods. Zongzi anyone?



  • The New York City Marathon is this Sunday, November 6th! We’ll be cheering on the runners from Queens Plaza with a bagel and coffee in hand from Triple Shot World Atlas Queens. If you care to join, email us at so we can set up a viewing party!

  • If you’re not in New York to watch live, here’s everything you need to know to catch the action. You can learn a bit about some of this year’s runners, like this Parkinson’s warrior telling the disease isn’t going to stop him from being active and happy. Check out Jimmy Choi on the New York Road Runner’s website.  


  • No matter where you are in life, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of ways to overcome obstacles and fears. Need a brush up on how to conquer your fears? Batman (and other pop culture figures) can help! Also, Batman totally wears Eletrunks…



Do you like this concept of sharing cool information? Do you want to see more of a certain category? Please share with us and engage in conversation on our facebook page. Similar information will be available there throughout the week so we can talk about what we find and ways to get involved.

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Elevation Station

A newsletter to truly elevate your lifestyle.

Beyond the obvious elevation of your manhood in our underwear, we strive to embolden you to be the best version of yourself. This is a newsletter that encourages being informed and engaged in the world. You can expect to see interesting videos, news, people doing cool things, ways to give back and more.


What are you doing with your leftover pumpkins? How about chuck it a fifty feet through the air?? Yep! Here is a quick and easy pumpkin launcher/ trebuchet to add to the fun. While this isn’t the most effective version, it is the one that will produce results without the long man hours to create. Get started now!


Traveling to NYC this winter? Here is an animated list of  NYC tips and etiquette to keep any tourist or local on the up and up. Please enjoy, but don’t follow it too closely.


It’s getting colder for most people in the US right now. Here is a spot to heat you up. Naica mine in  Mexico is INSANE. Huge crystals. High temperatures…122 degrees fahrenheit! Apparently visiting the mine is only possible with supervision and oxygen tanks.


Those that were hit by Hurricane Matthew need help, Haiti especially. Lend a hand by donating to the American Red Cross.

Polished Man is an organization that is both bringing awareness to the fact that 1 in 5 children are abused and funding trauma treatment. For the month of October, you can help start conversation around the cause by painting one fingernail. Time to whip out the nail polish!

Check out this guy…Wade, the Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder. He’s a beast of inspiration.


Last week, Eletrunks was at Brooklyn Boulders in Queensbridge. We had so much fun we went back again this week! Our underwear kept everything secure and comfortable while rockclimbing and bouldering.

Take advantage of your surroundings and get creative. You never know what you may find. The picture below is a backdrop of Greenwood Lake, right outside of NYC. Eletrunks bring a whole new meaning to freedom while hiking. Such a great way to spend a Sunday!

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  • We’re starting a new round of production! All sizes will be available for the holiday season. We’ll let you know when they arrive.

  • T-Shirts are here! We’ve decided to go the screen printing route to customize designs and t-shirt offerings. You can find soft, mixed blends for daily wear, athletic T’s for working out, and hoodies for the upcoming winter. is updating as we speak to reflect everything available. Show your support by grabbing a cool custom T!


  • Check out this New York Times Magazine photo journey through six incredibly different and compelling countries. The vivid photography highlights both geographic and cultural diversity, from life on the salt flats of Ethiopia to trekking the historically rich Camino de Santiago in Spain. Meet you in Lapland to herd reindeer?



  • If you’re a citizen of the U.S., it is essential that you vote this year. No excuses. Get started by registering to vote. Do it now.

  • With the upcoming presidential election dominating the news, it’s easy for other ongoing world events to take a back seat. Looking at you Syria. Aleppo is mentioned in the news, but the details are vague. The Syrian civil war started in 2011 has killed more than 430,000 people, created 4.8 million Syrian refugees, displaced 6.5 million more within Syria, and results in a whopping 13.5 million Syrians in need of aid.

You can help by donating to the American Refugee Committee, one of many charities committed to providing relief.

Find a stream of up-to-date media on BBC for an objective view on the situation.


  • Its National Domestic Violence Awareness month, let’s work together to have happier, healthier homes. Here is a laundry list of services by NNEDV to elevate everyone’s lifestyle.


  • The Iron Man World Championship is happening October 8th in Kona, Hawaii!  Here’s everything you need to know to watch the action. Keep an eye out for Turia Pitt and her admirable mindset. During a 2011 ultramarathon, she was caught in a bushfire resulting in some serious burns and the loss of 5 fingers. She’s still going strong! Learn more about other awesome triathletes headed to Kona here.

  • For a serious dose of visual adrenaline, check out Red Bull’s illume page for some sick photos catching the action like never before. Share your favorite pic on our Facebook page.