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What are Eletrunks?

Glad you asked… (L-E-Trunks) are the single best pair of luxury pouch underwear on the market.
We re-engineered the everyday boxer brief to enhance functionality and cater to men’s anatomy.

Why Pouch Underwear?

Because 99% of men’s underwear design is not made with our Manhood in mind.
And, for luxury underwear that cost an average of $38 per pair,
We offer a superior design for only $29!

Pouch underwear

How are Eletrunks different?

One main reason, the ComfortaBALL Pouch™.

Eletrunks Midnight Stealth ComfortaBALL Pouch Underwear

Eletrunks re-engineer a boxer brief style to provide a pouch underwear for “the goods”.
Our ComfortaBALL Pouch™ is what gives Eletrunks a natural fit for lasting comfort.

Eletrunks eliminate:

– Skin to skin contact
– Pinching, stickiness, and compression
– Chafing

Eletrunks provide:

– Friction-free environment
– 3-D body mapping for a perfect fit
– Perfect natural placement
– Temperature regulation
–  Security without the feeling of compression
– The ability to readjust with The Lifter™

Eletrunks luxury pouch underwear

Sounds comfortable! But, what is The Lifter™?

Our Patent Pending Lifter solves Man’s most uncomfortable issues with regular underwear…
Compression of “the goods” and sticky situations.
The ComfortaBALL Pouch™ places men’s “goods” in a perfect location.
But, to guarantee 100% comfort, The Lifter™ attaches from the bottom of the pouch to the top of the waistband
so you can lift up from the belt line, readjusting to perfection without reaching down low!

revolutionary pouch underwear

Incredible! What fabric do we use?

Only the finest Modal, a.k.a. Nature’s alternative silk, and premium polyester blends for performance.

What is Modal?

 It’s the highest quality type of viscose/rayon.
– Made of Beechwood Tree
– Soft, silky, breathable
– Moisture wicking
– Temperature regulating
– Environmentally friendly

Modal for your pouch underwear

Sounds like a winner!

Where do we manufacture?

pouch underwear made in america

We only work with people we know and trust.
We guarantee our product is the most ethically sourced finished good on the market.
We stand behind our high quality and guarantee they will last.
If you have questions, please reach out to us at


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